Remote Control Skills

Big Remote Control Helicopters Require Skill If space is not an issue for you, then you might be able to consider purchasing some of the new big remote control helicopters that recently were introduced from multiple brands. These helicopters, which can sometimes be as large as ten feet long, rival real helicopters in agility and… Read More »

RCH in Toronto

Some of the Best Remote Control Helicopters are Made by People in Toronto This may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best place to get remote control helicopters is not in the Unites States where there are the most helicopter enthusiasts, but rather in Toronto, where there are a lot, but not nearly as many, people… Read More »

Buying RCH Online

 A Website for Remote Control Helicopters Now that we are well into the information age, it’s obvious that helicopter enthusiasts become more computer literate, and that has begun with the induction of a new website for remote control helicopters. This website has everything you could ever want and it’s really quite awesome, because it has… Read More »

Tips to find the best RCH

How to Avoid Scamming When You Purchase Remote Control Helicopters for Sale A bad place to get remote control helicopters for sale is your local newspaper, or at least that has been my experience. When I was younger and just discovering the Classifieds section in the evening newspaper, I used to look through every article,… Read More »

Mini Remote Control Helicopter

Purchasing Mini Remote Control Helicopter for Indoor Use I cannot tell you enough the fun that I have had with mini indoor remote control helicopters. And the people that own mini indoor remote control helicopters are often the nicest, most fun people in the entire world. When I was recently touring with a group of… Read More »

6 Channel Remote Control Helicopters

6 Channel Remote Control Helicopters: Does It Get Any Better? If you are really looking for some fun, then you should check out 6 channel remote control helicopters, which seem to be becoming the great new pastime. You can purchase these really strong and powerful helicopters from your local helicopter and other electronics shop, or… Read More »

RTF Remote Control Helicopters

All About RTF Remote Control Helicopters If you are interested in purchasing rtf remote control helicopters, then you’re come to the right place. I personally recommend any type of rtf remote control helicopters because I have found them to be uniformly well made and durable. When I was recently out with a friend flying our… Read More »

Home Theater for Small Spaces

Home Theater for Small Spaces   One reason that many people who would love the benefits of a home theater avoid making the investment or even considering their options is because they live in situations that allow very little space with which to place the necessary components of a home theater system. The good news… Read More »

Create your Personal Home Theater

Create your Personal Home Theater We often spend a great deal of time contemplating the various components of our home theater systems but rarely give much thought to how the décor of the room affects our ability to enjoy our home theaters and movies without the added distraction of the walls in the room or… Read More »

Selecting the Proper Television for your Home Theater

Selecting the Proper Television for your Home Theater While there are many components that make up the average home theater system most people often overlook the importance of their televisions to the overall video and movie watching experience. As with all things in life, bigger, when it comes to televisions for your home theater, is… Read More »